Market Due Diligence and Forecasting

Supporting private equity firms and corporate investors using our proven data driven, empirical process coupled with deep industry knowledge.

The C Three Group has extensive experience in strategic consulting, market forecasting and due diligence.  We bring a data driven, fact-based approach to all of our consulting assignments.  Our approach begins by listening to our clients and ensuring that we thoroughly understand their needs, time-frames, and constraints.   We deliver comprehensive analysis developed using our proven process of rigorous primary and secondary market research, insightful interviews, and empirically based forecasts.

We deliver to our clients clear, actionable and timely findings.

Market Due Diligence

C Three has completed over 70 market due diligence projects since its founding in 1998.  Recent projects have included:

  • Completed the full market assessment for a major private equity firm. The acquired company designs, manufactures and installs foundation systems for electric transmission, telecommunication, highway and billboard structures through-out the U.S. A quantitative forecast was developed and augmented with competitor profiles. The project also required in person interviews with major customers to gather an understanding of the company‚Äôs strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Completed a market assessment for a regional EPC contractor for a large private equity firm, which had made similar investments previously. Provided individual utility forecasted spend for both transmission and distribution and an analysis of these companies use of outside contractors. 

  • Analyzed the potential impact on electric transmission spend of the expiration of the production and investment tax credits for wind and solar projects in the U.S. Required scenario analysis to gage the impact of the tax credits possibly be extended as well as expiration as planned. Completed for a private equity client with several holdings in and around the electric transmission space.


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Corporate Strategy and Acquisition Support

C Three uses a fully collaborative, data driven, and empirical approach.  Recent projects include:

  • Worked with a large, publicly traded company, that had acquired through two larger acquisitions, two electric transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing businesses that did not fit its corporate strategy. Provided market forecasts for both businesses as well as competitive analysis of each segment. Both businesses were eventually sold. 

  • Worked with a large manufacturer of electric transmission equipment and structures to understand the potential of the telecommunications market. This project also required identifying key manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and structures and estimated existing market share. Forecasts for specific components were developed as part of this project. 

  • Working with the manufacturer of industrial coatings and environmental protection systems, completed a 2008-2025 market forecast and competitive analysis for each of its major product lines, all of which are targeted to the electric transmission and distribution, pipelines and telecommunication markets.