Utility Rate Monitor Database

With over 700 Historical Dockets just a click away, the C Three Group tracks rate cases across North America

  • Over 300 electric and natural gas utilities continuously tracked
  • 40+ metrics tracked for each rate case
  • All of C Three's database and analysis services are CONTINUOUSLY updated and maintained by EXPERIENCED INDUSTRY ANALYSTS, all with deep electric and gas utility experience
  • C Three tracks historical fuel costs for Utilities

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Designed for:

  • Utility Rate and Regulatory Staff
  • Utility Bill Management Firms
  • Large End-Users
  • Regulators
  • Multi-Jurisdiction End-Users
  • Attorneys

User-friendly database lets you search and build reports quickly, tailored to your exact needs

Easily built custom and confidential reports, which are automatically updated. Set-up EMAIL ALERTS concerning your specific topics of interest.  TOPICAL SUBJECT TRACKING includes energy efficiency, demand-side management, smart meter initiatives and renewable programs.

Stay up to date on all Rate Related News

Weekly RATE RELATED NEWS Synopsis sent directly to you via email. These are probably our most popular offering. A daily option is available.  Updates and Database Changes customized to your interests can also be sent directly to your email with the frequency of your choice.

Rate Monitor Database Subscription Options

Our pricing options are highly customizable based on your information needs and number of users.  Please contact for more detailed pricing information: