Let’s discuss what you need. We can provide you with customized and appropriately sized solutions–at no extra charge. Our dashboards provide you with dozens of pre-created reports based on project type, ownership, location, and project status. However, if you need a report driven by a different set of criteria, we will be happy to work with you to refine your existing reports or build new reports.

Our databases can be easily integrated into Salesforce or other CRM systems. Our products are also cloud-based, so we operate in a hardware agnostic environment.

Yes, you can. Our products allow you to keep confidential and personalized notes about your business dealings. You can create reminders and add information that you’d like to keep top of mind for specific clients, contacts, and projects.

The C Three Group begins each engagement with a thorough discussion with the client regarding the goals and objectives for the work product. Whether we are evaluating an acquisition target or completing a full market assessment, our proprietary process delivers highly quantitative and data-driven insights that can't be found elsewhere. The scope and scale of our knowledge and our network is unparalleled in the industry.

Our databases allow you to customize the information you want to see. You can expand, collapse, filter, and sort the information according to your needs.

Yes - and we can even send news alerts to your email.

All of our databases are continuously updated. The C Three Group provides the most recent and relevant data available to our clients. Our team spends thousands of hours each year in every database adding new projects, news, and updating projects in development.

It's extensive and thorough in addition to current. We offer in-depth information on more than 100,000 projects throughout North America. We track all projects from early development through retirement.

For example, within The C Three Group’s Generation database, we are tracking +2,500 wind projects, +2,500 solar projects, +500 plant upgrades/repowerings, +400 natural gas-fired projects, and ~5,000 hydro projects. Our Transmission database, Pipeline database, and Telecom and Data Center database are equally as robust. Ask us more about our products–we love what we do and would be more than happy to discuss how our products and services can help you!